Cops arrest 7 in Maturita murders

POLICE have arrested seven men and seized three guns following the shooting deaths of two men at Bypass Road, Maturita Village, Arima over the weekend.

The suspects were among 11 persons, between ages 20 and 40, detained after police locked down the Maturita community and conducted several searches which yielded three shotguns and a large quantity of ammunition between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police said four other suspects were held on outstanding warrants, possession of marijuana and robbery. No one was held with the shot guns.

The seven murder suspects, police said, are believed to be connected to the killings of Wayne "Blah" Blanc and Kellon Charles, both from Maturita.

Blanc, 40, police said, was shot dead outside his business place Blanc Café just after 7 p.m. on Saturday and in a reprisal attack, Charles, 23, was shot and killed just around 7.a.m. on Sunday.

Blanc's death, police said, was linked to a dispute he had with another man over a woman in the area while Charles, police said, was accused of putting Blanc in place to be killed.

Both killings are being investigated by Corporal Hezron Lynch and PC Albert Charles of the Region II Homicide Bureau of Investigations and the Arima Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

On Tuesday, Senior Superintendent David Abraham including Superintendents Leroy Brebnor, Samuel Bullen, Inspector Ramnaresh Seecharan and Sergeant Kirt Samuel, led a team of Task Force, CID and Northern Division police officers into the area where they conducted searches for several hours and took the suspects into custody.

Up to late yesterday, the seven murder suspects were in police custody.

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